Open-Teck combines technology ...


Open-Teck offers services focused on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

We build and host your professional website, develop your web and mobile application, find the right hardware for your right needs, repair your broken hardware, as well as install and configure your software.

We offer general computer lessons.

For beginner level computer users, we offer lessons on how to use desktop computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones. We deal with any brands and operating systems : iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS, ...

It's never too late to start using computers ! One of our customers is 91 years old and she's still very active on her iPad. 

For intermediate level computer users, we offer courses on how to improve your programming skills. We can teach you the basis of Computer Sciences, no language invovled. Then we can get you started towards the right platform, framework so you can start building your own web or mobile app. We have extensive skills in those languages: C#, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Java. We can also get you started for self-learning of Python and Lua.

People usually hesitate to go further into programming because they lack basic Computer Sciences skills. We can help you fill that gap.

... to sustainable development


Open-Teck also offers services related to sustainable development.

It is important at the present time to make the business world aware of the topic of waste. As much as at financial level as at any level of every type of resources (e.g. human resources, machine resources, raw materials), waste represents a loss for companies, but also thinking about global resources level.

LEAN Management and Quality Management allow to reduce all the different types of waste in a company. By using process analysis techniques (e.g. Six Sigma, Kanban Boards, White Boards, LEAN & Quality Management, constrained optimization algorithms), it's possible to achieve a balance between profit optimization and resource consumption optimization while reducing the amount of produced waste. To achieve this goal, Open-Teck uses Red Hat JBOSS BPM Suite. We provide a web platform to our customers that allows optimization of any kind of problems under constraints: reduction of travel time, queuing time, optimization of organization planning and many other cases.

Open-Teck also offers 3D printing of products made entirely of recycled plastic. A first machine recycles plastic waste (e.g. household waste or company waste) into raw material for 3D printers. This stand-alone machine allows you to feed part of your 3D printer machine, eventually reducing the amount of plastic waste you generate. We offer the configuration and customization on-premise of the combination "3D printer + plastic recycler". We also offer 3D printed articles, produced with our own machines, using raw materials from our stocks of "recycled plastic cartridges". We also attend to exhibitions and travel throughout Europe for demos.