Join us now on UO White Wolf


Welcome to UO White Wolf Community Server.

We are a fun, friendly and family PvM Server

There is no PvP and no skillcap. Statcap is 300.

We have EVO Pets, EVO Armors and EVO Weapons.

You can level and breed your pets.

Join us now and, for a limited time, start with 8 skills set at 100.0, 300 stat points to allocation and receive a free squire, gold and more.

[IP: play.uowhitewolf.com - Port: 2593]

If you are into PvP, we have opened a Beta for UO Blood Wolf, pre AOS Ultima Online community server based on UOX3 emulator. No Trammel, old school UO, try it and join us on UO Blood Wolf on
[IP: play.uowhitewolf.com - Port: 2594]

-The Two Wolves Team-